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Please feel free to utilize our quick quote transportation form on the right side of our website to access an accurate vehicle shipping quote that will be given by a professional licensed automotive transportation broker.  Unlike other car shipping companies all of our quotes include door to door pickup and delivery.  Any car transport quote you receive from us includes all taxes and fees.  There are no "hidden fees" or "broker fees" with our company, as our mission is to be completely forthright and honest through the entire vehicle transport process. When searching for the cost of shipping a car we hope you will give us an opportunity at your business 

Ensley & Son's Brokerage, LLC

2211 Prince Ave Tifton GA 31794


TERMS & CONDITIONS for Broker / Shipper Agreement
The customer hereinafter shall be referred to as Customer and Ensley & Son's Brokerage LLC shall
be listed as ESB.
Customer agrees that they are the legal registered owner of the vehicle being transported, or has
been authorized by the legal registered owner, to enter into this agreement for transportation of said
Customer agrees that they are over the legal age of eighteen (18) and is able to legally enter into
this agreement. Customer agrees that they have read all terms & conditions & fully understands
what is outlined in this contract.

Any damages during the loading, unloading, and/or transport of vehicle are the sole responsibility of the trucking company and are subject to each independent trucking companies BOL terms & conditions. Any damage claims against the trucking company, must be clearly noted on the drivers BOL (Bill of Lading)

at the time of delivery and you should keep a copy of the inspection form, at both pickup and delivery, so you are able to prove any damage. The damage noted on the BOL must be signed off by both the customer and the delivery

drivers representing the company that we hired on your behalf. A proper inspection, by you the customer, is mandatory – even if delivered at night. If this is not done properly at the time of delivery, “after the fact” claims against the trucking company will not be processed, as they don’t prove who damaged what, or when. ESB is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by damages, as we are not the ones physically handling your vehicle. The customer understands that damage insurance, which can only be provided by the trucking company, is not insurance purchased by ESB, but on the customers behalf by the trucking company. Insurance only covers your vehicle and nothing transported inside the vehicle. ESB will verify that the truck has cargo insurance by getting a certificate of insurance faxed to our office from the trucks insurance company.

ESB is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by damages, as
we are not the ones physically handling your vehicle.. if you feel the carrier damaged your vehicle,
refer to condition 6 and make sure all steps are properly done. If damage is minor, try and work
something out with the carrier while they are right there in front of you. If damage is major, still try
and work something out with carrier while they are there delivering. If damage results in needing to
file a claim with insurance company, ESB will give you, the customer all insurance info to file your
own claim as you are the owner & claimant. It is understood that if insurance company awards
damages to be covered, they will usually pay the damage amount minus the carriers deductible.
Which is usually $1000-$2500. It is the customer’s responsibility to collect that directly from the
carrier. ESB is just a broker & cannot demand other companies to pay any claims or payments.

All pick up & delivery dates are estimates. When we contact you to let you know we have
dispatched your order to a truck, we give you only the estimated pickup and delivery dates. The customer agrees not to hold ESB responsible, in the event the trucking company is late
either picking up or delivering said vehicle(s). It is the trucking company responsibility to contact you
for pickup and delivery dates and times. These dates and times can easily change as the drivers
may have issues with their other customers who delay the driver. If you feel you want a reduction or
reimbursement for rental cars because of late pickup or delivery, you must ask the trucking
company directly. All truck companies policies of door to door delivery means the trucking company
will get as close as possible to your location. However, local traffic laws – weight and height
restrictions, low hanging branches, tight turns, etc in getting to your neighborhood on local streets –
Take priority. No reduction in transport fees are allowed for these reasons.

If you wish to cancel this contract before driver has been dispatched there will be a $100 cancellation fee. If you wish to cancel this contract after ESB has dispatched a carrier then you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. It is understood that the customer will have only one agreement with one transport
company at any one time. If you cancel this contract by double booking with another company or
simply cancel the contract before or after we dispatch your order there shall be a $100
cancellation fee. The customer may cancel this contract without penalty, if ESB cannot dispatch the
vehicle within ten (10) days after the earliest pickup date. The contract runs continuous
after the 10 days until the customer cancels the contract.

The customer understands that if items are to be packed in the vehicle, the sales rep must be told
how much extra weight will be in the vehicle when placing the order. If you failed to mention and extra weight when placing the order with your sales rep, please call your sales rep back immediately to inform him of your needs. Failure to do so, may result in the driver demanding extra money to haul your vehicle
because of the extra weight under Federal DOT rules. No household goods (TV, microwave, stereo,
etc) can legally be packed under Federal D.O.T. laws. This Federal DOT Law applies to all auto
transport companies. The customer understands than any items packed inside the vehicle is NOT
covered by any insurance if damaged, lost or stolen.

By Signing this contract the customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions stated. If the Customer
fails to return this contract to ESB, by allowing the carrier assigned by ESB to pick up their
vehicle(s), the Customer expressly agrees to the terms & conditions outlined in this contract.